Feb. 2nd, 2007

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Boat Show over, had a little "me" time, everything is back to normal.

In other words, BORING.

I just realized how bored I am after I immediately agreed to drive my little sister back to (downtown) Toronto on Sunday. The first two thoughts in my head were: 1. "Why not, I don't have any other plans."; and 2. "At least I'll get out of the house."

For the record the correct first two thoughts that one should have when considering such a request are 1. "WTF? That's a 4 hour round trip!"; and 2. "Any particular reason why you can't take the bus with the rest of the plebes?"

Apparently I am also driving a half hour in the opposite direction to pick the dear child up from her friend's house in the neighbouring town.

Let the record show that I am like, the awesomest sister, ever.
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Hey cat people, I have a question.

My cat has been displaying some odd behaviour. It is as if she is trying to remove something from inside her mouth using her tongue - imagine eating a peanut butter sandwich and getting it stuck on the roof of your mouth. She also uses her paw to rub the side of her face.

She did it for one day and then stopped for a day. Tonight she is doing it again. She is eating and drinking normally.

My first thought was that she had a piece of string or carpet fluff stuck in her mouth. I checked her mouth and could not see anything.

Any ideas?


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