Apr. 15th, 2007

Blood Ties

Apr. 15th, 2007 09:41 pm
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Had to check this out for many reasons...

Reason the First: Yay!Christina Cox!

The Second: Yay!Tanya Huff! I read her Victory Nelson books way back when I was in university and enjoyed them. Fast forward 10 years as I give them a quick reread as a precusor to cutting back on my overgrown library.

Strange thing: not only was I living in Toronto, the setting of her books, but the first murder in the first book took place at a subway station I transferred at during my morning commute. Hmmmmmmm. I continue reading. The next murder takes place IN. MY. BUILDING.

There it was, on page 78 of Blood Price: 25 St Dennis Drive at the intersection of Eglinton and Don Mills. The book was written in 1991. And I was living in apartment 1518 at that address in 2001.

Creeped me right out, that's for sure.

I've long since moved away but the books have remained upon my shelves. I couldn't resist checking out the series.

All in all I think they have done an admirable job. Yes, there are some changes from the series, but I think that they aide the show. I'm glad that they are not going to slavishly adhere to the book plotlines as, a) there aren't many of them; and, b) I'm not into short men (luckily I'm 5'2", so most people are taller).

I also like how Toronto is allowed to be Toronto on the show instead of pretending to be somewhere else. Toronto is a pretty nifty place, and has a long television tradition of vampires. Sad that the Leafs were losing when the books were written and continue to lose today. Some things will never change.

Did I mention the man candy? It is delicious.


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