Apr. 22nd, 2007

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All right, I'm in love... LibraryThing

It seems to be an amazing tool to catalogue your books --- the very thing I have been searching for! You can enter 200 books for free. I have started with series, as it is faster. I don't know how obsessed I want to be with finding the EXACT edition of each book. For now I am satisfied with capturing an entry with the correct title and author.... for me, my primary purpose is to have a record of my 1000+ volume library to avoid duplication when shopping or to enable reconstruction in the event of disaster.

I had been hunting for a good scanner/ UPC reader that would let me download the info in csv or tabbed files, this site says it will let me do just that. It would still be waaaaaay easier to find a good reader, but in the short term, this site appeals to my need for organization. I could easily become obsesssed with having the exact cover of each of my books recorded, but I am struggling mightily against the temptation.

As you might have guessed, I am "trishkit" on LibraryThing. I have only just begun to log my books, but I am not ashamed of the fluff factor of those books recorded to date!


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