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Tripping lightly down nostalgia lane here.

Music was a big part of my childhood. My stepfather and mother were big music fans (still are). Growing up in the 80's, I was a big New Wave/ New Romantic fan, but I also was exposed to lots of other stuff by my stepfather. I think I have written about how innocent we all were. I vividly remember debating with my parents about the rumours that Boy George MIGHT be gay. We all came to the conclusion that he wasn't, primarily because he had publicly denied it. I'll have to ask George (stepfather) what he was REALLLY thinking back then.

I also remember my mother watching lots of Van Halen videos, always exclaiming: "David Lee Roth is such a ham!"

Somehow methinks she had other thoughts in mind. I always loved Van Halen, but I never truly realized just how lucious DLR was. Check it out my children:

"Running With the Devil" (oh, my)
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I think my little mommy and I need to have a wee chat.

On another note, I always thought this video was absolutely hilarious. Still is:

"Pretty Woman" (who is more hilarious - the Samurai or Tarzan)
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"Hot For Teacher" (still my favourite - gotta love the drums and guitar)
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"I'm nervous and my socks are too loose"

George was a huge Pink Floyd fan, back in the day. He had a monster stereo system in our orange shag rugged basement with 8 huge speakers. The speakers were taller than I was. His record collection started off in red plastic milk cartons that took up half the floor space. Later on, it was housed in custom shelves (still is). He has kept an old turn table so that he can listen to his vinyl, but he primarily listens to cds now. Cat Pee and I each had our own stereo in our rooms. I remember George showing us how to clean our albums with a velvet brush. We would listen to our music with giant headphones, because that gave you the best sound.

George always tried to introduce us to music he thought we would like. KISS circa 1979 was a brilliant idea, and we quickly became fans. It is funny to listen to them now. KISS now seems so poppy (and disco), but back then they were dark and dangerous!

"Detroit Rock City" (oooooh Gene Simmons was soooooo scary)
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"I was made for loving you" (I defy you not to sing along)
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Peter Criss, the drummer, was my favourite. Because he was a kitty cat.

Anyways, back to the Pink Floyd thing. I remember George and his friends getting seriously excited over a tape (VHS, natch) of Pink Floyd Live at Pompei. At the age of twelve I REALLY didn;t get it. Totally had to be high to appreciate it. It was 3 hours of Zoom In, Zoom Out; Zoom In, Zoom Out. Far out, dude.

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Dontcha love the size of the speaker stacks?


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