Oct. 15th, 2006

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Oct. 15th, 2006 09:15 pm
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Well, it's Autumn, and that means crazy days at the Marina. There is a mad rush to get boats out of the water and winterized to protect them from the upcoming cold weather. This translates into lots of fun for me. The pace picks up and I feel like I am riding a tidal wave as I struggle to coordinate the men (and boys), trucks and trailers. When all goes well it is like a big dance number as we load boats, service them and then dump them off at the storage buildings and then start all over again. It is multitasking at its finest. By the end of it all we will probably service about 175 boats and store about 115.

And it snowed on Saturday, just to make things especially fun.

The municipal election season is also upon us, and my stepfather (George) is running for town council. He was elected 2000-2003 but failed to get back in for the most recent term (only one incumbent was re-elected - there seemed to be a nationwide desire for change at that time and everything was overturned on a national, provincial and municipal level).

Today was the day for the candidate's speeches and he was fantastic. He really came out swinging, and raised some very good points while managing to crack some good jokes (yay!George!). Some of the people running this year are complete crackpots, so hopefully he will get back in.

In a semi-weird-yet-touching-note: my Dad is firm in his support of my stepfather. He even sat with my mother (his first ex-wife) and the rest of my family for the mayoral and deputy mayor candidates' speeches. He then rushed back to the Marina to take over so that I could go and listen to the councillors' speeches and even drew me a map to the location of his freshly vacated parking spot. Only in a small town, folks.

In another, semi-related note: my dad has had difficulty with names since his stroke. My sister and I are generally referred to as "My Daughter", and he quite often describes our customers as "Our Friend with the...(insert descriptive quality here)". Despite his limitations Dad often comes up with some very descriptive names. For example, he keeps calling the incumbent councillor who is now running for mayor "Fatboy". You have no idea how apt that is.

I'm a little nervous as he really loved my municipal-employee mother's nicknames for a couple of the incumbents: BIFF and BUFF (Big Ignorant Fat Fuck and Big Ugly Fat Fuck). They have really lodged in his brain and I just know he is going to refer to the gentlemen in question by those names (and no, "Fatboy" is not one of the Fat Fucks. And yes, there is a theme).

George loves politics, but it drives me nuts. People have no compunction in offering criticism, even when I tell them that I am related to him. Don't they realize that insulting a family member is like insulting me? I don't think that the average person would be particularly pleased if I made scathing comments about his/her parent - why is it okay for them to do the same to me?? Dickheads.

Vote for George!


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