Oct. 26th, 2006

trishkit: (Dr Who think by barbthebrazen)
What I've Been Watching:

Boston Legal - Denny Crane Rocks!
Supernatural (Season 1) - I don't even want to admit how scary some of those episodes are. Shut up, I live alone with no Dean to protect me.
Battlestar Galactica - Recorded, and viewed once I have been thoroughly spoiled. I just can't handle the intensity (yes, I'm a wimp).
Lost See above.
Dancing With The Stars Shut up. I don't want to talk about it.
The Office Is it wrong that I find Steve Carell disturbingly attractive?
My Name Is Earl It's my mother's favourite show. If I don't watch it she will just tell me the whole story anyway.

I find that I am much more reluctant to commit to new shows this season. I think it's partly because I am now living by myself, so I don't have people handy to squee with. It does kinda take away some of the fun. However, my sister and I have both been recording some shows that we want to see (like Ugly Betty and The Nine) and will get together at some point to enable each other's viewing habits.

What's Coming Up:

I'm downloading Torchwood right now. Captain Jack, here I come.

In Other News:

I've been on a Lorne/Cadman kick lately. Don't know where that came from. Have they even had any scenes together??

What I'll be doing:

Cat Pee and I both signed up for the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters In School Mentoring Program. Essentially you get a kid who has self esteem issues and/or problems fitting in and meet with them during school hours. My sister and I were Girl Guide Leaders together and have missed working with that age group. Cat Pee has been looking for the right volunteer position for a while now, and I have found myself missing working with kids lately. We've put in our order for "two nerdy kids who like to read" at our old public school. I'm looking forward to it!

I'm also going door to door to campaign for my stepfather's municipal council re-election bid. My mother is not allowed to talk to the citizens of our fair community as we cannot trust her to refrain from telling critics to fuck off. God, I wish I was joking.


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