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Had a lovely time in Vancouver. Didn't get to see as much of it as I would like, but my cousin got married up real good.

My mother and I came perilously close to wetting ourselves while watching the first episode of Celebrity Duets in our hotel room. Mom tuned in originally because Cheech Marin was on but she stayed for Carlton and Xena. Then we became fascinated by the trainwreck known as Little Richard. We are pretty sure that he has at least one glass eye. Possibly some glass brain cells.

Add the fact that we were flicking between that show and the Agassi match plus jet lag and alcohol and you've got one wierd evening.

We also caught Agassi's final match a couple of days later. What an exit. A class act all the way. Yes, I cried. And it goes without saying that I cried at the wedding. It was such a foregone conclusion that they didn't even bother to include me in the betting pool. Just for the record, I did better than usual. Instead of sobbing as soon as I entered the church, I managed to suck it back until the groom took his place at the altar. A new record of control, people! There is a reason why I am single. I'd have to wear a goalie mask just to make it through the ceremony.


I just watched McKay and Mrs Miller and adored the sibling interaction. So very, very true to life. For many years my sister told a tale to all and sundry of how she was bitten by a dog and I sat under the exam table and wet my pants when she got stitches. I finally had to get my mother to issue a cease and desist order. Apparently I was nowhere near the exam room when this all happened.

Now that I think about it, she has never categorically refuted the pantswetting thing, just the location..... hmmmmmm

We were 6 years old when the dogbite happened, so my sister's evil story was quite evilly plausible to the casual listener.

The story about me pushing her through a glass door is, however, entirely true. She totally deserved it.

My sister's name is not Jeannie, but it I bet they've met.

I have just returned from dinner at my grandmother's. We had mussels and salmon (yay!salmon, yuck!mussels). My cat now either wants to a) mug me; or b) marry me. I think I need a shower. The lickiness is a little disturbing.
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