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I love YouTube. I can waste many an hour watching old music videos.

Hey kids, did you know that, back in the day, there was actually some debate over whether or not Boy George was gay?

Yes, we really were that innocent. Dressed badly, but innocent.

But seriously folks, the planet is not ready for an 80's fashion revival. Well, I admit that I am thrilled at the resurrection of pegleg jeans (or whatever they call them now). I remember buying pants that were too big so that the waistband would rest on your hips (instead of 3cm above your belly button) and then taking in the legs so that they were tight on the calves. My 12-years younger sister was so impressed when I showed up wearing a pair this summer. She thought I was cutting edge - I was just happy to get away from bellbottoms.

In other exciting news, I have taken a step towards being an active fandom participant and am reccing fics for [ profile] stargateficrec this month. I was ridiculously nervous posting my first rec.

In other even more exciting news, my computer died yesterday. Luckily, my brother-in-law has a computer shop. Even more luckily, I happen to live in an apartment above said computer shop. Total computer downtime = 2 hours. I now have a lovely new computer at a reasonable price with all of my files and have spent most of the day reloading codecs, etc. It's kinda nice to start over fresh, but I do miss my old baby. I can barely hear this new unit, while I used my old computer as a white noise machine when I lived in the city.

Oh well, things could be far, far worse.


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