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Welcome back LJ!!

We are ready for winter at the Marina (handy, as there is snow on the ground). Just about all of the boats have been put away for the season, which is good, seeing as how Deer Hunting Season opens Monday morning and my mechanics will be off on vacation looking for things to kill. Timing is everything, folks. Once they get back we will start in with the Christmas tree part of the business - that is tons of fun!!

In other exciting news, the marina website is seriously messed up. Several pages load with missing photos, but if you scroll down to the end everything repeats itself and looks perfect. The more I poke around, the more pages become affected. I'm not a website expert and I'm clueless. My website expert *waves at sister* has no idea either. I guess this is my crash course in web design as I frantically research solutions. Nothing wrong with learning something new.

The gratifying/annoying thing about all of this is that I have fielded a couple of phone calls from people complaining that they can't access the site. Yay! People are paying attention!

My staff spent all day in the water taking out clients' docks and boat lifts in the freezing cold. Everyone has the day off tomorrow, so I will be running the show all by myself for the first time ever. Wish me luck!


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