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Just some random thoughts, nothing explicitly spoilerish (or particlarly profound) but the spoiler-sensitive may wish to avoid:

- Could Ronon BE any cuter? I mean, seriously, from the cranky growlyness to the sad puppy angst our big scary warrior has a real knack for making a girl go "Awwwwwwww"
- And there was an eyebrow expression for every Ronon mood. That's talent!
- Zelenka's insane hair makes so much more sense than Sheppard's. I'm just sayin', please don't kill me. I am especially fond of how Zelenka's hair gets worse as he becomes more stressed.
- While I don't necessarily believe that Sheppard and McKay have/should have wild monkey sex at every opportunity, they are definitely a great pair to watch in action. I love how they trade off the straight man position regularly.
- *waves at the Dedalous* Hi guys. Glad to have you and your jumpsuits back. [ profile] koalathebear planted a Sheppard/Novack seed in my wierd little brain, so having her back on Atlantis will assist my fevered fantasies. Isn't Cadman a Dedalite as well? I still think Lorne/Cadman would be just the thing.
- Totally off topic, but one of my first exposures to the concept of slash was when I read an article somewhere about Skinner/Doggett. I laughed like a hyena and then couldn't think about anything else whenever those two shared a screen. Which made me laugh like a hyena.
- So glad to see Teyla get do more than be the great diplomat again. I love the glimpses we get of her being a real person. I hope this trend continues!
- Yay!Whales! Has anyone read about the killer whale turning on her trainer last week? There are so many stories about those types of incidents with whales and elephants. They are so smart and long-lived that it is easy to believe that they are sentient. Read this article about elephants - it will blow your mind! The Elephants are Going Mad


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