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We had a most excellent Xmas.

This was the first Christmas together as an official family for my sister, her boyfriend and his 13 year old son, so all of the festivities took place at their new house. J-Man (the 13 year old) was adorable. He insisted on dressing up as Santa and piped us in for the Opening Of The Gifts. Said costume consisted of a Santa hat, a red tee shirt stuffed with a pillow and Ruby the cat draped across his shoulders acting as the beard. The "piping" was performed on his trumpet (this took place after the beard had removed herself from the area). He also acted as the Official Gift Hander Outer and seemed quite keen to have our stepfather sit on his knee.

Next year he'll probably be a surly teenager, so we all enjoyed the cute while we could.

I was entrusted with the sacred responsibility of Cooking The Carrots and Heating The Broccoli Casserole, primarily because Cat Pee didn't have room in her oven and I live close by. When I was back at my house I received a call from my cousin. She informed me that she was the proud owner of a kitten. Yay! The bad news was that she hadn't told our scary Grandma, who was on her way over for dinner. I quickly agreed to babysit the cat at my house and flew into action. I changed the kitty litter, shut my cat in my bedroom and grabbed the cat carrier. I put on my coat and shoes and trotted out the door and...locked myself out.


Luckily I had my call phone and called Cat Pee, who dispatched her boyfriend (who is also my landlord) to the rescue.

Flash forward a bit and I am sitting on my cousin's floor, oohing and awing over the kitten. Beaches is about 3 months old, female, pure black, silky and fearless. She had no problem with being shut into a cage and visiting a new house (which is good since she'll be moving to Vancouver with my cousin in the spring). She spent the rest of the afternoon licking all of my cat's toys and following me from room to room.

I was also able to lure my little sister over to my house with the promise of kitteny cuteness and she ended up doing all of the cooking.

The kitten spent the rest of the evening shut in the spare room and my cat was released before I returned to Cat Pee's.

Dinner was excellent.

My cousin picked up the kitten after Grandma finally left her house. Apparently Grandma had showed up on her doorstep about 20 minutes after I had spirited the cat away.

I bid a fond farewell to Beaches and her soft little paws and let the turkey coma set in.

All in all a lovely day.

I hope everyone's holidays were as enjoyable!
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