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I didn't realize how long it has been since my last post. Funny how time flies when... you know.

I haven't left lj by any means. I still read my friends page regularly, I just don't seem to post much any more.

Here's a quick update:

It's been so long I had to look up how to do an lj-cut )

oooooh, man

Aug. 7th, 2007 08:27 pm
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Okay, Facebook is just scary.

Totally addicting.

I mean, I just found out that a guy I went to university with lives 4 blocks away!

Another guy that I worked with during a high school Junior Rangers program found me within 3 hours of me signing up!

There is a group for the cross-country canoe expedition I participated in 15 years ago!

I've made plans with 3 different girls who were friends from high school!

There is an alarming photo album of shots taken in my university pub from 1989! Seriously, the clothes and hair are TERRIBLE!

And any photo that includes me seems to involve someone pouring beer on my head (maybe that's why I remember my hair as always being soft and silky)

Yup, addicted.
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I have absolutely no interest in Harry Potter fandom, but I do enjoy the books (and movies).

I just finished "Deathly Hallows" and enjoyed it thoroughly. I thought it was a satisfying finish to the series.

Nonetheless, I have a question: Why all the fuss about preordering and lining up?

I waltzed into my nearest chain bookstore on Sunday afternoon and there were huge piles of the book everywhere. There was an automatic 20% off the sticker price, and I was eligible for an additional 10% membership discount, so cost wasn't a big factor (come to think of it, I also had a $5 coupon that I neglected to use).

I am also a huge spoiler whore, so I didn't feel a pressing need to get the book OMG Rightaway, but I did make more of an effort to procure DH on the first weekend so that I didn't spoiler myself right out of any need to read it. I also work weekends, so I did not have the option of taking a day off to read it immediately. And the store wasn't crowded, so I was able to take my time browsing and also bought a Lucrezia Borgia biography and a few novels (they have had a "buy 3 get one free" promotion all summer, who am I to resist?). Over the last two evenings I didn't even read DH exclusively, I started with a mystery and then switched back and forth between Harry and Lucrezia and the latest "Vanity Fair". So, while speed of acquisition was somewhat of a factor, but not a deal breaker for me.

Anyways, I hope that anyone who cares enjoys this final chapter, and that those of you who really don't care manages to survive the next little while.
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Tripping lightly down nostalgia lane here.

Music was a big part of my childhood. My stepfather and mother were big music fans (still are). Growing up in the 80's, I was a big New Wave/ New Romantic fan, but I also was exposed to lots of other stuff by my stepfather. I think I have written about how innocent we all were. I vividly remember debating with my parents about the rumours that Boy George MIGHT be gay. We all came to the conclusion that he wasn't, primarily because he had publicly denied it. I'll have to ask George (stepfather) what he was REALLLY thinking back then.

I also remember my mother watching lots of Van Halen videos, always exclaiming: "David Lee Roth is such a ham!"

Somehow methinks she had other thoughts in mind. I always loved Van Halen, but I never truly realized just how lucious DLR was. Check it out my children:

"Running With the Devil" (oh, my)
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I think my little mommy and I need to have a wee chat.

On another note, I always thought this video was absolutely hilarious. Still is:

"Pretty Woman" (who is more hilarious - the Samurai or Tarzan)
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"Hot For Teacher" (still my favourite - gotta love the drums and guitar)
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"I'm nervous and my socks are too loose"

George was a huge Pink Floyd fan, back in the day. He had a monster stereo system in our orange shag rugged basement with 8 huge speakers. The speakers were taller than I was. His record collection started off in red plastic milk cartons that took up half the floor space. Later on, it was housed in custom shelves (still is). He has kept an old turn table so that he can listen to his vinyl, but he primarily listens to cds now. Cat Pee and I each had our own stereo in our rooms. I remember George showing us how to clean our albums with a velvet brush. We would listen to our music with giant headphones, because that gave you the best sound.

George always tried to introduce us to music he thought we would like. KISS circa 1979 was a brilliant idea, and we quickly became fans. It is funny to listen to them now. KISS now seems so poppy (and disco), but back then they were dark and dangerous!

"Detroit Rock City" (oooooh Gene Simmons was soooooo scary)
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"I was made for loving you" (I defy you not to sing along)
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Peter Criss, the drummer, was my favourite. Because he was a kitty cat.

Anyways, back to the Pink Floyd thing. I remember George and his friends getting seriously excited over a tape (VHS, natch) of Pink Floyd Live at Pompei. At the age of twelve I REALLY didn;t get it. Totally had to be high to appreciate it. It was 3 hours of Zoom In, Zoom Out; Zoom In, Zoom Out. Far out, dude.

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Dontcha love the size of the speaker stacks?
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Loved The Concert For Diana. I don't care for the cult of Diana particularly, but I LOVE big concerts like this!

The highlight? Duran Duran, of course.!!

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"Wild Boys" (one of my most hated songs, but this was a fun performance)
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Seriously, these guys have NEVER sounded this good. Some things do get better with age!

Loved watch all of the my-aged women singing their hearts out. A little weird to see Simon wearing sneakers, though. The boys are showing their age, butt hey can still rock the eyeliner.
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Happy birthday [ profile] mylittleredgirl!!!!!

Don't let the real estate agents get you down!
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And on a happier note, I did something for myself today.

I bought a canoe!!!!

This makes me ridiculously happy.

The maiden voyage is tomorrow, after work.
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Haven't posted at all lately...mostly due to lack of time. I still enjoy reading my FL even though I may not be commenting as much as I had in the past.

An Update:

  • I am still spending my days off working for the bookkeeping company. The owner is making a good recovery from her stroke but will be unable to return to work. The business has been sold. I will wait and see how things are with the new owner before I commit past the transition period.

  • The Marina is crazy. I am making lots of sales, but am very, VERY stressed. I fucking hate customer service. It is a thankless task that it driving me nuts and pissing me off.

  • On a happier note, we hosted a 50th anniversary/ reunion at my elementary school. Absolutely fantastic! Nevermind reliving your bitter high school years, it seems that most people have very fond memories of their public school years. We had a great turnout and everyone had a wonderful time.

  • I'm not doing so well on a personal level, primarily due to work-related stress. Believe it or not, taking on a second job has been good, as it keeps me busy and my mind occupied. I can't escape the Marina right now as it is a family business and my father is counting on me. The only escape is to sell up and get out. We are working on it, but there aren't any prospects right now. In the meantime, I am trying to keep myself healthy, but it isn't working very well. I have lots of support from my friends and family, but I am struggling nonetheless. I think that it is time to see my doctor and start up on Prozac again. It has been about 8 years since I have needed that kind of help, but I have no shame in seeking it out again. I know now what it is like to feel happy and healthy and I won't willingly lose that, especially when the tools are available.

  • On a Happier note, it is summer and I live on 9 miles of sand beach. Life could be much, much worse!

What I've been watching:

  • Blood Price

  • The Dresden Files

  • Heroes

  • So You Think You Can Dance (yes, I admit it)

What I Need To Catch Up On:

  • Doctor Who

  • Bones

  • Supernatural

What I Am Waiting For:

  • Eureka

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All right, I'm in love... LibraryThing

It seems to be an amazing tool to catalogue your books --- the very thing I have been searching for! You can enter 200 books for free. I have started with series, as it is faster. I don't know how obsessed I want to be with finding the EXACT edition of each book. For now I am satisfied with capturing an entry with the correct title and author.... for me, my primary purpose is to have a record of my 1000+ volume library to avoid duplication when shopping or to enable reconstruction in the event of disaster.

I had been hunting for a good scanner/ UPC reader that would let me download the info in csv or tabbed files, this site says it will let me do just that. It would still be waaaaaay easier to find a good reader, but in the short term, this site appeals to my need for organization. I could easily become obsesssed with having the exact cover of each of my books recorded, but I am struggling mightily against the temptation.

As you might have guessed, I am "trishkit" on LibraryThing. I have only just begun to log my books, but I am not ashamed of the fluff factor of those books recorded to date!

Blood Ties

Apr. 15th, 2007 09:41 pm
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Had to check this out for many reasons...

Reason the First: Yay!Christina Cox!

The Second: Yay!Tanya Huff! I read her Victory Nelson books way back when I was in university and enjoyed them. Fast forward 10 years as I give them a quick reread as a precusor to cutting back on my overgrown library.

Strange thing: not only was I living in Toronto, the setting of her books, but the first murder in the first book took place at a subway station I transferred at during my morning commute. Hmmmmmmm. I continue reading. The next murder takes place IN. MY. BUILDING.

There it was, on page 78 of Blood Price: 25 St Dennis Drive at the intersection of Eglinton and Don Mills. The book was written in 1991. And I was living in apartment 1518 at that address in 2001.

Creeped me right out, that's for sure.

I've long since moved away but the books have remained upon my shelves. I couldn't resist checking out the series.

All in all I think they have done an admirable job. Yes, there are some changes from the series, but I think that they aide the show. I'm glad that they are not going to slavishly adhere to the book plotlines as, a) there aren't many of them; and, b) I'm not into short men (luckily I'm 5'2", so most people are taller).

I also like how Toronto is allowed to be Toronto on the show instead of pretending to be somewhere else. Toronto is a pretty nifty place, and has a long television tradition of vampires. Sad that the Leafs were losing when the books were written and continue to lose today. Some things will never change.

Did I mention the man candy? It is delicious.
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I don't know if I can handle the agony of another playoff series, but at least they are still in the game. Seriously, am I the only one who finds the playoffs painful? Every year, it is a long slog. Everyone is tired and injured and hairy and yet they all manage to go for all 7 games (or at least the Leafs always manage to prolong the agony) the time of the finals I am wincing every time a new line takes to the ice.

A guy (I assume it is a guy) in a neighbouring town has had his entire house painted in Leafs colours (navy blue and white) for years. It began with a display of flags many years ago. Then, he painted the entire exterior Leaf blue with white accents and Maple Leaf insignia. I'm not sure what he'll do if they ever manage to win...set the place on fire?

One thing that I loved about living in Toronto and Ottawa was the team spirit. In Toronto, you wouldn't need to watch the game to know who won. The cacaphony of horns and cheering would clue you in. In Ottawa they would announce the latest scores over the loudspeakers of department and grocery stores during the playoffs. I never thought of myself as much of a sports fan, but I realized when I moved to Ottawa that I had loyalties. I thought I could convert myself to a Senators fan, but it wasn't to be. I couldn't erase 30+ years of living in Leafs country. I guess listening to my classmates telling stories about Darryl Sittler for Show and Tell in kindergarten can convert a girl without even knowing. Then again, there are other factors. My mother is a diehard Bruins fan purely because her middle name is Boston.

Now I am back in Leaf land so I don't have to worry about divided loyalties. Go Leafs, Go! And Die, Isles, Die!

For those following along at home, I'm talking about hockey. The Toronto Maple Leafs have not won the Stanley Cup in 40 years. They aren't likely to win it for another 40, but they like to get our hopes up. And, as a public service announcement, I'd just like to note that my long-time strategy of picking all the cute players for my pool? Never works. Will this stop me from employing the same strategy this year? Hell no!

And no, we didn't make it through another week here without another unexpected death. I'm going to stop writing about them because this is getting ridiculous.
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Oh my.

Just watched Casino Royale.

Daniel Craig certainly knows how to wear a pair of pants.

Holy crap

Mar. 29th, 2007 09:50 pm
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Ya know, I really do intend to talk about important things like TV... that pesky real life thing just keeps getting in the way.

Grandma is doing fine. She is currently in Granny Boot Camp (aka a rehab facility) and should be able to move home in another month or so.

One of my mother's friends has a bookkeeping company, staffed by Mom's best friend and another lady I have known for years. It is currently Tax Season in Canadaland and they were getting too busy and stressed, so I found myself with a part time job (some day I may discuss how this all came about because everyone in my family loves to run my life, but hey, they mean well and this is sooooo not about me, as you will discover in the next paragraph).

Tuesday was my first day of work. My new boss had a stroke 10 minutes after she pulled up a chair and began training me.

No, I am not kidding.

She is still in hospital. It is too early to say what her long-term prognosis is, but I think that she will do well (using my experience with my dad as a guide). I certainly hope and pray that is the case!

Last week another family friend had to be flown home from Florida for emergency back surgery. She had a staph infection that had infected her spinal cord and is now paralysed from the waist down.

Last night yet another family friend died unexpectedly in his sleep at the age of 67.

It is unbelieveable.... everyone in town is just stunned.

Seems like an awful lot of tragedy for a small town in a short time period. I imagine that tragedy occurs in similar numbers every day everywhere. I wonder if one just notices it more when you live in a small town? When you know everyone you are far more likely to be connected to someone who is ill or going through hard times.
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My grandmother had a stroke on Saturday. She is in no immediate danger, so I feel free to rant about healthcare. While I am eternally grateful for our Canadian healthcare system, I've got to say - it is certainly not a perfect system. Before I begin, let me just say that Grandma is perfectly alert and will make a good recovery - the only damage is to her right arm and leg.

Grandma has been stuck on a stretcher in the Emergency Ward since Saturday morning. There are simply no beds available. While the nursing staff are AMAZING, they struggled to deal with the crowds of skiers that jammed the ward all weekend and just plain couldn't assist with ongoing care for patients like Grandma. We live in a tourist area with an extremely popular ski resort. On Sunday there were so many people waiting that they were sitting on the floor behind the nurses' station waiting! Very long story within, read at your own risk! )
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Hey cat people, I have a question.

My cat has been displaying some odd behaviour. It is as if she is trying to remove something from inside her mouth using her tongue - imagine eating a peanut butter sandwich and getting it stuck on the roof of your mouth. She also uses her paw to rub the side of her face.

She did it for one day and then stopped for a day. Tonight she is doing it again. She is eating and drinking normally.

My first thought was that she had a piece of string or carpet fluff stuck in her mouth. I checked her mouth and could not see anything.

Any ideas?
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Boat Show over, had a little "me" time, everything is back to normal.

In other words, BORING.

I just realized how bored I am after I immediately agreed to drive my little sister back to (downtown) Toronto on Sunday. The first two thoughts in my head were: 1. "Why not, I don't have any other plans."; and 2. "At least I'll get out of the house."

For the record the correct first two thoughts that one should have when considering such a request are 1. "WTF? That's a 4 hour round trip!"; and 2. "Any particular reason why you can't take the bus with the rest of the plebes?"

Apparently I am also driving a half hour in the opposite direction to pick the dear child up from her friend's house in the neighbouring town.

Let the record show that I am like, the awesomest sister, ever.

I'm off

Jan. 11th, 2007 10:25 pm
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Well, it's that time of year again. It is winter in Canada and it is only natural that one's thoughts turn to...


Yeah, seriously, it is Toronto Boat Show time again. 10 days of trade show thrills and chills.

Or not, as the case may be.

I have been in a seriously bad mood for quite a while now. Constant bitchiness, lots of tears. Not too promising, I know (and a little worrying).

I'm sure I'll be able to fake charming at the show. It is a very male-oriented world, so the novelty of being a female carries me a LONG way, luckily.

Once I return I'll deal with the mood thing.

In the meantime, I will have uncertain internet access, so no updates from me!

If anyone is in Toronto from January 13-21st, come and say "Hi", I'll be at the Larson booth. The only other woman there will be my twin, so don't be shy!!
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We had a most excellent Xmas.

This was the first Christmas together as an official family for my sister, her boyfriend and his 13 year old son, so all of the festivities took place at their new house. J-Man (the 13 year old) was adorable. He insisted on dressing up as Santa and piped us in for the Opening Of The Gifts. Said costume consisted of a Santa hat, a red tee shirt stuffed with a pillow and Ruby the cat draped across his shoulders acting as the beard. The "piping" was performed on his trumpet (this took place after the beard had removed herself from the area). He also acted as the Official Gift Hander Outer and seemed quite keen to have our stepfather sit on his knee.

Next year he'll probably be a surly teenager, so we all enjoyed the cute while we could.

I was entrusted with the sacred responsibility of Cooking The Carrots and Heating The Broccoli Casserole, primarily because Cat Pee didn't have room in her oven and I live close by. When I was back at my house I received a call from my cousin. She informed me that she was the proud owner of a kitten. Yay! The bad news was that she hadn't told our scary Grandma, who was on her way over for dinner. I quickly agreed to babysit the cat at my house and flew into action. I changed the kitty litter, shut my cat in my bedroom and grabbed the cat carrier. I put on my coat and shoes and trotted out the door and...locked myself out.


Luckily I had my call phone and called Cat Pee, who dispatched her boyfriend (who is also my landlord) to the rescue.

Flash forward a bit and I am sitting on my cousin's floor, oohing and awing over the kitten. Beaches is about 3 months old, female, pure black, silky and fearless. She had no problem with being shut into a cage and visiting a new house (which is good since she'll be moving to Vancouver with my cousin in the spring). She spent the rest of the afternoon licking all of my cat's toys and following me from room to room.

I was also able to lure my little sister over to my house with the promise of kitteny cuteness and she ended up doing all of the cooking.

The kitten spent the rest of the evening shut in the spare room and my cat was released before I returned to Cat Pee's.

Dinner was excellent.

My cousin picked up the kitten after Grandma finally left her house. Apparently Grandma had showed up on her doorstep about 20 minutes after I had spirited the cat away.

I bid a fond farewell to Beaches and her soft little paws and let the turkey coma set in.

All in all a lovely day.

I hope everyone's holidays were as enjoyable!
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My Exciting Life As A Swinging Single Chick, Part 15:

Starring: My Cat

Special Appearance By: Me

7:15 pm. I fill cat's bowl with new flavour of cat food (same brand).

7:16 pm. Cat sniffs suspiciously at bowl.

7:17 pm. Cat warily retreats.

7:31 pm. Cat approaches bowl.

7:32 pm. Cat buries furry little face in bowl and eagerly hoovers up a meal.

7:45 pm. Cat barfs on kitchen floor near bowl.

7:47 pm. Cat barfs on kitchen floor near stove.

7:48 pm. Cat barfs on kitchen floor near fridge.

7:49 pm. I am glad that she only barfed on linoleum, not carpet.

7:50 pm. I gather paper towels and get to work.

7:52 pm. Cat barfs on carpet in living room.

7:55 pm. Cat barfs on carpet in hallway.

7:56 pm. I race cat to bedroom and close door before she can enter.

7:58 pm. I get out carpet cleaner and get to work.

8:15 pm. As I type this entry I watch as Cat goes to bowl and has a second helping.