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Definitive proof!

All of the dorks on Earth were sent to Atlantis.

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My Dad and I both sold a boat.

The same boat.

To two different people.


Yes, we're that good.
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I've spent the last couple of evenings acquainting myself with Captain Jack and all the folks at Touchwood.

My main thought is: "I've been avoiding watching Supernatural because it scares me and THIS is what I watch instead?"

My other thought is that I'm not sure if I actually love the show, but I can't stop watching.

Re: the scariness factor: it's not so much that the episodes are incredibly terrifying, more that they are disturbing. I admire the darkness of the show, and find myself marvelling: "I can't believe they went there" during just about every episode.

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...berry, berry tired.

We had a blizzard yesterday and last night that dropped 25 cm of snow in 24 hours (about 9ish inches). That's nothing unusual for this area, so it's not a major disaster or anything; but when you've got a Christmas Tree lot set up in your parking lot it results in a lot of work.

First of all, let me set the scene: my Christmas Tree outfit consists of a green plaid lumberjack jacket, toque, snowpants, heavy duty gloves and Sorels (boots). When the weather is better the toque is replaced by a Santa hat. Yeah, I know; I'm cool.

We have a holiday forest set up with rows and rows of Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir and Scotch Pine. The incredible dump of snow buried all of the trees. Dad, Norm (the guy who sells used cars) and I spent most of the day digging out.

The procedure:

Cut because I have verbal diarrhoea (I'm giddy because I had a fantastic day) )

If that wasn't enough to make me feel warm and gooey, I heard The Spoons singing "Old Emotion" on the radio. I don't know if The Spoons ever penetrated beyond Ontario. They are an example of an 80's band that pretty much defined my Grade Nine year. Here's the "Old Emotion" video:

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No, the girl is not wearing a hat. That's a perm.

Other than the hair (Yay!Mullets), the shoes (Docksiders!) and the sweater (Fisherman sweaters - I've knitted you!), I think this particular song stands up pretty well. I always loved Sandy's (the girl) look.

The Spoons were from Toronto and are an excellent example of New Wave.

This was their first hit:
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Here's a song that I always loved:
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The subway stations in Toronto still look the same, but the subway cars are now silver instead of red.

Um, I guess this was a pretty long winded and pointless post (and I didn't even get to the story about my old science teacher telling me antique "Mommy, Mommy" jokes tonight ("Mommy, Mommy, I don't want to go to Europe". "Shut up and keep swimming").

And I'm sorry for all of the parentheses (sadly, I totally speak like this in real life).
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'Tis the season for Santa Claus parades. As usual, the Marina has participated. Last weekend was our local parade. This year the young guys who work for us took charge. We did the usual, which is decorating a boat, loading it with girls and towing it behind a Marina truck. Always a big hit. The best part? The boat was red. The Marina trucks are either white or grey. Jonnie has a lovely red Dodge. He actually had our logo put on his own truck so that we could tow the boat behind a matching truck. I just think that is adorable.

It is quite festive around the Marina these days. This year marks our 38th year of selling Christmas trees. Since it is early in the season, everyone is very picky. They need to examine each tree before they settle on the perfect one. On Saturday I even had a lady who insisted on smelling each tree in order to select the most fragrant. It is, quite simply, loads of fun for all involved. I'm not a big Xmas person, but I do love dealing with tree customers.

I also talk to the trees, does that make me wierd?
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Just some random thoughts, nothing explicitly spoilerish (or particlarly profound) but the spoiler-sensitive may wish to avoid:

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My subconscious hates me.

Many years ago it created the World's Worst Radio Stadio that plays live in my head. I once spent a 3 week canoe trip with the theme from the Tonight Show (the Johnny years) on a constant loop in my head (DUH duh duh DUH dah, duh duh duh DAH...)

The ensuing years have been no kinder.

As soon as I declare "I HATE that song", I am rewarded with said song constantly played over and over in my head and in real life. I long ago learned to never make an explicit declaration of my song hatred. It turns out that subconscious thoughts are just as bad.

The most recent transgressor? That "Lips of an angel" song by I-don't-even-want-to-know-who.

The chorus runs along the lines of: "You make it hard to be faithful/ With the lips of an angel". Verses follow along the lines of: "My girl's in the next room/ Sometimes I wish she was you".

Pardon me while I vomit. This song pisses me off to no end. May I suggest one of the many spaying and neutering programs that are readily available in most communities?

And damnit, the tune is WAAAAAAY too catchy.

Please make it stop.
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Cat Pee and I spent Halloween night greeting trick or treaters at her house getting drunk sipping wine and singing along listening to REM at top volume. No, my pretties, not the REM of "End of the World" and other assorted overplayed modern crap.

I am speaking of the original REM. The REM of the early years. The REM of the mumbled, unintelligible lyrics. The REM of of albums (yes, ALBUMS) such as Murmur and Reckoning. The REM of killer harmonies. The REM when Michael Stipe had long, flowing hair (I kid you not).

The year was 1984. I was in grade 10. As far as I am concerned, this was/is the most perfect song ever (after the intro).

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I'll post the some songs if you wish.


God, I love YouTube. Here is the quintessential REM mumbly lyrics song. Just try to sing along.

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By the way, did anyone else have tons of zombie cheerleaders show up at their door this past Halloween? Or was it just a local trend with the preteen set?

My personal favourites were the group of boys dressed as mimes. They were truly commited to the theme, right down to the Charlie Chaplinesque head-scratches.

ETA Again:

I had forgotten how lucious Michael Stipe was back in the day.

Ah, memories.
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Welcome back LJ!!

We are ready for winter at the Marina (handy, as there is snow on the ground). Just about all of the boats have been put away for the season, which is good, seeing as how Deer Hunting Season opens Monday morning and my mechanics will be off on vacation looking for things to kill. Timing is everything, folks. Once they get back we will start in with the Christmas tree part of the business - that is tons of fun!!

In other exciting news, the marina website is seriously messed up. Several pages load with missing photos, but if you scroll down to the end everything repeats itself and looks perfect. The more I poke around, the more pages become affected. I'm not a website expert and I'm clueless. My website expert *waves at sister* has no idea either. I guess this is my crash course in web design as I frantically research solutions. Nothing wrong with learning something new.

The gratifying/annoying thing about all of this is that I have fielded a couple of phone calls from people complaining that they can't access the site. Yay! People are paying attention!

My staff spent all day in the water taking out clients' docks and boat lifts in the freezing cold. Everyone has the day off tomorrow, so I will be running the show all by myself for the first time ever. Wish me luck!
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What I've Been Watching:

Boston Legal - Denny Crane Rocks!
Supernatural (Season 1) - I don't even want to admit how scary some of those episodes are. Shut up, I live alone with no Dean to protect me.
Battlestar Galactica - Recorded, and viewed once I have been thoroughly spoiled. I just can't handle the intensity (yes, I'm a wimp).
Lost See above.
Dancing With The Stars Shut up. I don't want to talk about it.
The Office Is it wrong that I find Steve Carell disturbingly attractive?
My Name Is Earl It's my mother's favourite show. If I don't watch it she will just tell me the whole story anyway.

I find that I am much more reluctant to commit to new shows this season. I think it's partly because I am now living by myself, so I don't have people handy to squee with. It does kinda take away some of the fun. However, my sister and I have both been recording some shows that we want to see (like Ugly Betty and The Nine) and will get together at some point to enable each other's viewing habits.

What's Coming Up:

I'm downloading Torchwood right now. Captain Jack, here I come.

In Other News:

I've been on a Lorne/Cadman kick lately. Don't know where that came from. Have they even had any scenes together??

What I'll be doing:

Cat Pee and I both signed up for the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters In School Mentoring Program. Essentially you get a kid who has self esteem issues and/or problems fitting in and meet with them during school hours. My sister and I were Girl Guide Leaders together and have missed working with that age group. Cat Pee has been looking for the right volunteer position for a while now, and I have found myself missing working with kids lately. We've put in our order for "two nerdy kids who like to read" at our old public school. I'm looking forward to it!

I'm also going door to door to campaign for my stepfather's municipal council re-election bid. My mother is not allowed to talk to the citizens of our fair community as we cannot trust her to refrain from telling critics to fuck off. God, I wish I was joking.

The Latest

Oct. 15th, 2006 09:15 pm
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Well, it's Autumn, and that means crazy days at the Marina. There is a mad rush to get boats out of the water and winterized to protect them from the upcoming cold weather. This translates into lots of fun for me. The pace picks up and I feel like I am riding a tidal wave as I struggle to coordinate the men (and boys), trucks and trailers. When all goes well it is like a big dance number as we load boats, service them and then dump them off at the storage buildings and then start all over again. It is multitasking at its finest. By the end of it all we will probably service about 175 boats and store about 115.

And it snowed on Saturday, just to make things especially fun.

The municipal election season is also upon us, and my stepfather (George) is running for town council. He was elected 2000-2003 but failed to get back in for the most recent term (only one incumbent was re-elected - there seemed to be a nationwide desire for change at that time and everything was overturned on a national, provincial and municipal level).

Today was the day for the candidate's speeches and he was fantastic. He really came out swinging, and raised some very good points while managing to crack some good jokes (yay!George!). Some of the people running this year are complete crackpots, so hopefully he will get back in.

In a semi-weird-yet-touching-note: my Dad is firm in his support of my stepfather. He even sat with my mother (his first ex-wife) and the rest of my family for the mayoral and deputy mayor candidates' speeches. He then rushed back to the Marina to take over so that I could go and listen to the councillors' speeches and even drew me a map to the location of his freshly vacated parking spot. Only in a small town, folks.

In another, semi-related note: my dad has had difficulty with names since his stroke. My sister and I are generally referred to as "My Daughter", and he quite often describes our customers as "Our Friend with the...(insert descriptive quality here)". Despite his limitations Dad often comes up with some very descriptive names. For example, he keeps calling the incumbent councillor who is now running for mayor "Fatboy". You have no idea how apt that is.

I'm a little nervous as he really loved my municipal-employee mother's nicknames for a couple of the incumbents: BIFF and BUFF (Big Ignorant Fat Fuck and Big Ugly Fat Fuck). They have really lodged in his brain and I just know he is going to refer to the gentlemen in question by those names (and no, "Fatboy" is not one of the Fat Fucks. And yes, there is a theme).

George loves politics, but it drives me nuts. People have no compunction in offering criticism, even when I tell them that I am related to him. Don't they realize that insulting a family member is like insulting me? I don't think that the average person would be particularly pleased if I made scathing comments about his/her parent - why is it okay for them to do the same to me?? Dickheads.

Vote for George!
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I love YouTube. I can waste many an hour watching old music videos.

Hey kids, did you know that, back in the day, there was actually some debate over whether or not Boy George was gay?

Yes, we really were that innocent. Dressed badly, but innocent.

But seriously folks, the planet is not ready for an 80's fashion revival. Well, I admit that I am thrilled at the resurrection of pegleg jeans (or whatever they call them now). I remember buying pants that were too big so that the waistband would rest on your hips (instead of 3cm above your belly button) and then taking in the legs so that they were tight on the calves. My 12-years younger sister was so impressed when I showed up wearing a pair this summer. She thought I was cutting edge - I was just happy to get away from bellbottoms.

In other exciting news, I have taken a step towards being an active fandom participant and am reccing fics for [ profile] stargateficrec this month. I was ridiculously nervous posting my first rec.

In other even more exciting news, my computer died yesterday. Luckily, my brother-in-law has a computer shop. Even more luckily, I happen to live in an apartment above said computer shop. Total computer downtime = 2 hours. I now have a lovely new computer at a reasonable price with all of my files and have spent most of the day reloading codecs, etc. It's kinda nice to start over fresh, but I do miss my old baby. I can barely hear this new unit, while I used my old computer as a white noise machine when I lived in the city.

Oh well, things could be far, far worse.
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Teyla speaks!

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And Ronon has eyebrow dimples when he is frowny. I'm in heaven.
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Yes, I know I am way, way, waaaaaaaaaay behind the times, but I just watched the series premiere of Supernatural

Holy crap. So scary, so cool, so very, very pretty.

I've had a soft spot for Jensen Ackles ever since I saw him manfully trying to generate some chemistry with Lana on SV.

So nice to see him as the focus of a series. And his brother ain't too bad either.

Dean, I'm in love.

And terrified. Ghost stories always freak me out.

Quite possibly the scariest thing I've ever read is Anne Rice's The Witching Hour. I read it years ago and it scared the hell out of me. I don't even have a copy in my house, that is how much it scared me. Supernatural gave me the same feeling.

I am so hooked.
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Had a lovely time in Vancouver. Didn't get to see as much of it as I would like, but my cousin got married up real good.

My mother and I came perilously close to wetting ourselves while watching the first episode of Celebrity Duets in our hotel room. Mom tuned in originally because Cheech Marin was on but she stayed for Carlton and Xena. Then we became fascinated by the trainwreck known as Little Richard. We are pretty sure that he has at least one glass eye. Possibly some glass brain cells.

Add the fact that we were flicking between that show and the Agassi match plus jet lag and alcohol and you've got one wierd evening.

We also caught Agassi's final match a couple of days later. What an exit. A class act all the way. Yes, I cried. And it goes without saying that I cried at the wedding. It was such a foregone conclusion that they didn't even bother to include me in the betting pool. Just for the record, I did better than usual. Instead of sobbing as soon as I entered the church, I managed to suck it back until the groom took his place at the altar. A new record of control, people! There is a reason why I am single. I'd have to wear a goalie mask just to make it through the ceremony.


I just watched McKay and Mrs Miller and adored the sibling interaction. So very, very true to life. For many years my sister told a tale to all and sundry of how she was bitten by a dog and I sat under the exam table and wet my pants when she got stitches. I finally had to get my mother to issue a cease and desist order. Apparently I was nowhere near the exam room when this all happened.

Now that I think about it, she has never categorically refuted the pantswetting thing, just the location..... hmmmmmm

We were 6 years old when the dogbite happened, so my sister's evil story was quite evilly plausible to the casual listener.

The story about me pushing her through a glass door is, however, entirely true. She totally deserved it.

My sister's name is not Jeannie, but it I bet they've met.

I have just returned from dinner at my grandmother's. We had mussels and salmon (yay!salmon, yuck!mussels). My cat now either wants to a) mug me; or b) marry me. I think I need a shower. The lickiness is a little disturbing.
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Oh-so-exciting RL News
I'm getting excited - it will be my first vacation in about five years!

My mother and I are flying to Vancouver on Friday for the wedding of my cousin. Since we like to make everything complicated in our family, we am actually leaving tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon and staying overnight in Toronto. Our flight leaves at 7am, so it works out best that way. In a wierd coincedence, [ profile] cleverocity is leaving Vancouver the day I arrive. Two ships in the night, baby. (Hey, Mel - how early are you guys going to be at the airport? My flight arrives at 9am BC time. I won't be tarrying long once we get in - my pack-a-day mommy will be making a beeline to the great outdoors and some nicotine.)

We are only staying for five days, but we are hoping to find lots of trouble and then get into it. My mom is loaded for bear and ready to party (God help me). But I have a pretty dress to wear.

Even though I lived in Banff, Alberta for a few years I never quite made it to the coast. This is despite the fact that maternal cousin Mitch (he of the nuptual event) and my paternal cousin Jeremy have lived in Vancouver for years. Jeremy runs a charter business and takes people on cruises in his sailboat - I'll definitely be looking him up. Purely because I haven't met his most recent spawn, of course.

On to the important things in life - tv!
In other, slightly more interesting news, I have been enjoying Eureka greatly. It's fluffy but very entertaining with lots of great characters and a dry sense of humour. It also has some hot guys, a strong female (go, Jo!), a potentially strong female and nerds galore. They even used the word "nerdvana" in the latest episode. Any show that quotes Dogbert is okay with me.

I am still so obsessed with Ronon's eyebrows that it is becoming quite alarming. Especially since I fugured out that those moles by one beautiful brow are real, not "Hi, I'm an alien" makeup.

The only other show that I have been watching this summer is Rockstar. My sister and I became obsessed with it last season because of INXS. The two of us and a dear high school-era friend had a marvelous time squeeing over INXS and I have to admit that the singers were all amazing. It is not as much fun this year. The people forming the band, Tommy Lee, Jason Newstead and Gilby Clarke just don't have the same cachet for me (I was a New Wave girl back in the 80's, so I am more accustomed to mocking the hair metal types. It was not a pretty era for those boys). They also don't seem to be as deeply invested in the concept. These guys are just out to have fun, not replace a much-mourned bandmate.

Nonetheless, I am still glued to the tube. The performances are awesome, and the cheese is delicious.

It LIves

Aug. 13th, 2006 10:05 pm
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Well, Hi

Man, it's been a long, long time.

This real life thing is a real bitch, it has kept me away for a long time.

I've still been lurking and watching and reading, but I just haven't really had the wherewithal to post. I'm doing just fine...just haven' had much to say.

Well, since we last left off, I've been dumped , relocated, relocated and relocated and am generally pretty damn pleased with myself.

I survived the ignomious end of a five-year relationship waaaaaaaay better than anyone expected (go, me).

I ended up moving back to my hometown and in with my twin sister. It was a bit pathetic. There we were, 35 years old and living together with multiple cats. It's not that we weren't expecting this to happen at some point in our lives; we just assumed that we would be in our 60s and have buried a husband or two by the time it happened.

Living together was great. Then Cat Pee and her boyfriend bought a house together. The catch? The house needed extensive renos and she sold her condo (our shared home) quickly. Cat Pee moved into her bf's place. I got to move in with my mommy. There I was, 36 years old living in my old bedroom with my cat. No, not pathetic at all!

I actually had a great time living at home (potatoes every night!) and now am comfortably ensconced in the world's coolest apartment. It is the top floor of my brother-in-law's computer shop, which is located in a 150 year old log cabin. My bachelor pad is pretty and green and loggy and filled with bookcases. I love it!

As far as fandom goes, I am mainly into Atlantis, Doctor Who, Rockstar, BSG and various sitcoms these days. I have an unhealthy thing for Ronon. The strong, silent type has always been my thing, and he also gets extra points for having really awesome eyebrows.

I have been kept unbelievably busy working at our family business, a marina (wanna buy a boat?). I can't believe that more than a year has passed! I don't know how frequently I'll be able to post, but I am still enjoying reading what everyone has to say.

Yay, tv!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] cleverocity!!!

I hope your day was filled with cake and happy things!